Which power (electric) toothbrush should you choose? We help to guide you.

Do I have a power toothbrush? Yes. Am I very fussed by which model I have? Not really. Why? Because beyond having a power brush with the following key points, I know that most models are very similar.

The next time you come across the many different types of power brushes at your electrical store/pharmacy, take note of the ones with the small round rotating heads. This is because research shows that only these small round rotating (oscillating) variety of power toothbrushes have consistently proven to be more beneficial than manual tooth brushing.

Now look at the power source. Buy a wall rechargeable power toothbrush. Changing brush heads will be necessary for all power toothbrushes, but the added hassle of changing batteries can be annoying. Battery power brushes also tend to slow down in their rotations as the battery loses power, and may end up being less effective than manual toothbrushing when this happens. The childrens battery power brushes are the exception here, because their colourful battery handles add to the fun and novelty of brushing.

Before you start walking to the cashiers, final consideration should be given to how many power handles are enough. Most power brushes come with one handle, but there are sometimes catalogue ‘special deals’ for twin handles. The benefit of the second handle is that it saves having to take off the last brush head used by your dear family member and put on your individually coloured brush head everytime. It’s great if there’s one bathroom in the house, but not so great if there are multiple bathrooms in the house. Why? Because most catalogue specials for twin handles have only one charger. Without a nearby charger, a handle can run out just when it’s needed. The hassle of taking your power brush handle to another bathroom in the house to recharge occasionally may doom that handle to the same fate as the battery powered brush with no one keen to change the flat batteries, wasted.

At The Smile Team we stock the Oral B Advance 950TX ($53) and Oral B Triumph with Smart Guide ($160, pictured). The reason we only offer two models is that one represents excellent value while the other represents fantastic technology. The Advance 950TX is a very affordable model with all the useful attributes. The Oral B Triumph with Smart Guide is a new release by Oral B and is unique in providing a wireless visual guide to keep you motivated on brushing the right areas for the right amount of time. It’s like having a personal tooth brushing trainer.

The key points to remember are;

  • Buy a toothbrush with a rotating/oscillating head
  • Buy a power toothbrush with a timer.
  • Buy a wall rechargeable power toothbrush, not a battery one.
  • For a family, remember to have a handle and a charger for each bathroom.
  • Always brush thoroughly around the gums, but be gentle.

Please email info@thesmileteam.com.au if you have any questions.

(UPDATE 2013:  The Smile Team now carries a range of electric power tooth brushes from Oral B’s professional range, including Professional Care 1000, 3000, 5000)

Walters PA, Cugini M, Biesbrock AR, Warren PR. A novel oscillating-rotating power toothbrush with SmartGuide: designed for enhanced performance and compliance..J Contemp Dent Pract. 2007 May 1;8(4):1-9.

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