New Patients

The Smile Team warmly welcomes new patients to our care

Before your visit

New patients are always welcome at The Smile Team Balwyn North dental rooms. Our entire team is proud to be able to share with you our passion in providing our exceptional level of health care. Please call, email, or click for an online appointment and let us know how we can help you at your visit. Whether it’s for a comprehensive examination to plan towards long term dental health, perhaps a refreshing clean with the examination, or maybe just to fix that sore or broken tooth, we are here to help.

On your visit

Your appointment will begin at our patient lounge where you’ll be warmly greeted. You’re welcome to have a tea or coffee (some of our existing patients come in early to enjoy this), have a read through the day’s newspapers or up to date magazines. Internet access is available via our two patient lounge iPads. Once we receive your general and medical information you will meet one of our dentists.

Your dentist will take steps to determine your oral health. A comprehensive examination will check for signs of oral cancer, jaw joint and jaw muscle function, the health of the gums, the alignment of your teeth, signs of weakening tooth structure, and dental decay. We will use our digital dental x-rays (80% less radiation than conventional methods) to examine the teeth, and utilise our intra oral camera to look at any issues together.

Our aim is to keep you well informed. This is the key to long term dental health. It truly empowers patients to make decisions about how we can minimise dental treatment through preventing developing issues, if and when to treat, and what choices you have in treatment. Being well informed will allow you to take steps you’ll be happy with in the long term.

If your visit is to have a refreshing clean as well as an examination, you will meet one of our lovely Oral Health Therapists. They are dental experts in helping you to identify and manage issues before they become problems requiring dental treatment.

If your visit is to have the sore of broken tooth fixed, your dentist will examine your tooth carefully. We will assess and identify the problem, and provide you with options including a quote of the fees as per our Fair Fee Policy. Where necessary we will use an intraoral camera to look at the extent of the problem together to help with keeping you informed. Treatment will only begin if you are comfortable and happy with the dental treatment solution.

Experienced dentists

In addition to being up to date with the latest modern dental treatment techniques, The Smile Team dentists are are especially pleased to be able to share our years of clinical experience with you and your family.

The dentist taking care of your health at The Smile Team will be someone with significant experience. Our two principal dentists Drs Xue and Khuoc have each had 15 years of clinical treatment experience, including 10 years at The Smile Team’s current location. This means that before helping you, our dentists have already achieved great results restoring thousands of fillings, placing hundreds of crowns.

Experience is a key component to obtaining the best health outcome. It benefits your dental health care greatly in terms of;

  • Identifying changes in your oral health before they become a problem.
  • Making the right diagnosis for whether or not dental treatment is required.
  • Making the right choice for what type of dental treatment is best.
  • Keeping you comfortable during dental treatment.
  • Minimising complications during and dental treatment.
  • Getting the best long term result to minimise future dental treatment.
Children’s dental care

As a family practice The Smile Team Balwyn North dental rooms also warmly welcomes children. After all, good dental health starts early. Your child will begin their dental visits until the age of 18 with our Oral Health Therapists. University trained Oral Health Therapists are trained specifically for children’s dental care and general preventive dental care for adults, with typically more exposure to these dental fields than dentists during their training. They know what it takes to make your child feel especially at ease. In addition to approaching children in a friendly manner, we add balloons, stickers, and play DVD shows to make their appointments fun!


What should I do if a tooth has been knocked out?

Time is critical in the case of a tooth being knocked out. The chances of a tooth surviving decreases dramatically if the tooth is not replaced after 30 minutes, meaning it’s very important to call us, or to report to your nearest hospital, or to visit your local doctor.

Here are some steps to follow as a general guide

  1. Find the tooth.
  2. Check to see if tooth is clean or dirty. If the tooth is clean; place back into the socket by carefully holding the crown only. (tip: use the adjacent teeth as guides to how to place the tooth back) If the tooth is dirty; rinse tooth with milk before placing back into the socket.
  3. Ask the individual to support the tooth in the socket with light gentle pressure.
  4. If you have difficulties replacing the tooth, immerse the tooth in a sealed container filled with milk, or ask the patient to carefully hold it in their cheek. (important: do not wash or immerse the tooth in water as water’s properties will harm the tooth significantly)
  5. If you are only able to present to a hospital or a local doctor for the emergency treatment, you will need to call us promptly to schedule a follow up appointment. Such an examination is required to ensure the tooth is correctly repositioned, no damage has been suffered by the jaw bone, and to begin the long term management of the reinserted tooth.
What can I do in the case of an emergency?

We’re a dentist that will do our best to see patients with genuine dental emergencies on the day they contact us via our Balwyn North dental practice telephone 9859 8517.

For existing patients of the practice requiring emergency help outside surgery hours, please telephone 0413130422.  Alternatively, you may wish to try the Kew Emergency Dental Clinic on 9853 1855, or the Royal Melbourne Dental Hospital on 1300 360 054. Both alternative emergency clinics operate at extended hours and are available on Sundays and public holidays.

If you have suffered a sporting injury, or other significant trauma, or a significant swelling, please call us immediately or report to your nearest hospital.

Why should I have regular dental visits?

Dentistry’s greatest progress over recent decades is in preventive dental care techniques. There is no reason why a healthy set of teeth cannot stay filling free for a lifetime if the correct approach is taken together by you and us. One of the most satisfying aspects of our work is to be able to give you the all clear at examinations. By having regular dental examinations, we aim to assist you in identifying risk factors and take the necessary actions.

By the time you can notice discomfort in a tooth, it’s possible that dental treatment can become more complicated. Dental decay doesn’t happen overnight, and if we can identify this early, we can save you time, discomfort, and cost.

How often should I have dental visits?

Depending upon your oral health risks, we will recommend examinations either once or twice a year. Our aim is for your mouth to be healthy and stable so your teeth last a lifetime with a minimum of worries, complications, and cost.

Why does it feel like that every time I visit a dentist more dental treatment is required?

As a practice with a practice philosophy of preventive dental care, we strive to minimize the amount of treatment that you require. It’s important to know that not all dental treatment has the same level of priority. For this reason, for all dental treatment procedures we propose we will truthfully inform you of whether the treatment is urgent, beneficial over the longer term, or completely optional.

Dental studies show that three types of individuals will be more prone to having more significant and costly treatment than on average.

Group 1. An inbalance of diet and oral hygiene.

Group 2. Patients with a history of multiple, and or large fillings.

Group 3. Irregular attenders to a dentist.

Will it hurt?

Every member of our highly trained dental team is fully aware that the mouth is a sensitive area, and we treat it accordingly.

  • We explain what we are doing so that there aren’t any surprises
  • Frequent rest periods during dental treatment.
  • Every injection is given with a pain minimization techniques
  • We give you complete control during dental treatment.

Here are a number of ways we make your dental treatment as comfortable as possible;

  • Every dental treatment room has a beautiful garden outlook through floor to ceiling windows
  • A relaxing patient lounge with coffee, teas, up to date magazines, Foxtel TV or DVD’s, iPad with internet and games for the kids (you’re welcome to come earlier for your appointment to get comfortable)
  • An open spacious, purpose built practice dental room design.
  • The latest Planmeca dental chairs with body contouring seats and DVDs.

Our practice prides ourselves on providing pleasant and modern surroundings. Our team members are very friendly and caring. Our main goal is to provide the best dental experience you have ever had.

What can I do about my broken tooth?

It is a common occurrence that a tooth or filling breaks through decay or wear and tear. What happens next depends on each individual tooth. If the break does not involve the nerve of the tooth (keeping in mind sensitivity does not necessarily mean the nerve is exposed), a simple filling may be all that is required. If the tooth already has a large filling or area of decay and the cavity involves the nerve, a filling may not be enough.

Different cases may need different treatments including dental crown, root canal filling, or removal with a dental implant replacement.

It’s a good idea to have a broken tooth repaired as soon as possible even if it doesn’t give you any discomfort. A broken tooth is a potential trap for food and debri that can also lead to adjacent teeth developing decay.

Do you autoclave all your instruments? What infection control procedures do you carry out?

All the instruments in our dental practice are either autoclavable or used only once.

So yes, we autoclave all our instruments, and dispose of single use equipment each and everytime. Keeping you protected is of the highest importance to us.

During the autoclaving procedure steam penetrates enclosed items at extreme temperatures for a set amount of time. We keep a constant tracking process of sterilization steps to ensure successful sterilization. All sterilization procedures are according to the Australian Dental Association and the Dental Board of Victoria guidelines.

Are your fees the lowest in Melbourne?

The old adage of “you get what you pay for” is no where more appropriate than it is for today’s dental care. Dental care costs vary depending upon the number of sterilization procedures carried out to protect each patient, the quality of the fillings/medications used, the time/care taken planning for your appointment, the time/care taken to comprehensively carry out the examination/treatment, the quality of the laboratories used to construct dentures/crowns, the amount of training that the dentists and our entire team attend regularly, just to name a few.

You will always find more expensive or cheaper fees, but we guarantee that you will not find better value for money than at The Smile Team dentist.

We are here to assist your dental health for the long term.

What payment options do you accept?

We are pleased to be able to assist you in direct health fund rebates through our HICAPS setup. We accept Visa, Mastercard, AMEX and Bank Cheques.

We also offer Denticare interest free payment plans.

Payment is expected on the day, unless arranged before hand.

How much will my treatment cost?

Our sincere desire to take care of our patients extends to the fair and reasonable dental practice fee schedule we set. We provide clear, upfront, accurate estimations of dental treatment costs. It means much more to The Smile Team dentists that we keep our word, than to surprise you with extra costs.

The cost of a regular dental appointment is generally less than the cost of regular car servicing. Our fees for a full comprehensive examination is $165 inclusive of two dental x-rays, a gum disease check, teeth charting, oral cancer screening, jaw joint and muscle inspection, as well as a dental bite assessment. A thorough hygiene clean accompanying this is $145 with fluoride protection. The fees are less for teenagers and children.

(tip: to best way to reduce the overall cost of dental treatment for you and your family is through regular dental checkups and diligent home care)


Dr Julie Khuoc

Family and Cosmetic Dentist

“Being able to improve the health and appearance of my patient’s teeth gives them a lot of confidence in comfort, function and aesthetics.  I love seeing this transformation.”

Dr Bradley Xue

Family and Cosmetic Dentist

“The most rewarding part of being a dentist is being able to create happy smiles and happy people”

Dr Julian He

Family and Cosmetic Dentist

“Whether it be to maintain a healthy mouth or a complete smile transformation, I love being a part of my patients journey to achieve their goals.”

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