Teeth Whitening

More people are whitening their teeth than ever before. A bright sparkling smile can make a big difference. We offer easy and effective in chair teeth Zoom whitening and at take home teeth whitening solutions.

The Smile Team dental rooms are pleased to offer patients a complimentary teeth whitening assessment. During this appointment we can determine if you are a suitable candidate for teeth whitening procedures, including a realistic shade (colour) assessment.

After a personalised dental whitening consultation, if whitening is suitable for you we may recommend one or both of the two following options.


The first method is chairside Zoom whitening

Zoom whitening is a fast effective tooth whitening approach.   The Zoom whitening appointment usually takes approximately 1 ½ to 2 hours and involves painting a specially formulated high concentration gel on your teeth.  The gel is then activated using an advanced Zoom Whitespeed light.  Once activated through a cycle, this gel is washed away and replaced by a fresh set.  This is typically carried out for two to four cycles depending on the original shade of your teeth, the desired shade, and your comfort.


The second method is called home whitening

This involves having custom made trays to fit your teeth and then over a 5-14 day period home whitening gels are placed the tray and then fit the tray onto your teeth for 2 to 8 hours a day depending upon the concentration of the gel which is chosen based upon your level of day to day tooth sensitivity.  Home whitening also a very effective, and can achieve very similar results to Zoom in chair whitening, but will require more time, dedication and effort on your behalf.  For patients with concerns with temperature sensitivity on a daily basis, home whitening is a slightly gentler way to whiten teeth.


Key advantages of Zoom in chair whitening

  • instant result
  • less whitening at home

Key advantages of home whitening

  • greater control of sensitivity for patients with higher than average daily sensitivity
  • greater selective control of whitening targeting a few specific teeth
In Chair Zoom Whitening

The Smile Team dentist offers the Zoom Whitespeed chairside whitening system. This is the latest and best Zoom Whitening technology from the number one teeth whitening system in the US. This system allows us to get you the best whitening for you fast and comfortably. In 90 minutes your teeth can be as white as they naturally can!

“Out of the more than 500 patients who participated in testing of the new Zoom WhiteSpeed, 94% indicated they would recommend the treatment to family or friends and more than three-quarters said they felt little to no discomfort during the treatment. The new light is proven to whiten teeth up to eight shades in just 45 minutes. It delivers 40% percent better results than a comparable nonlight enhanced whitening system.

Zoom has provided more than four million people a brighter, whiter smile. Now, on the eve of the 10th anniversary of Zoom, Philips has used its most advanced LED whitening technology for the new light. Using blue LED technology that emits the light spectrum, Zoom WhiteSpeed accelerates and helps enhance whitening results with no compromise to safety. Of the 33 dental professionals who participated in testing the new Zoom WhiteSpeed, 85% indicated that the results were equal to or greater than previous Zoom models.”

Value added package for all our Zoom whitening patients

For any type of teeth whitening to have a lasting effect, a degree of maintenance is required, to give the teeth a colour boost when stains begin to discolour the teeth again with time. That’s why as a part of our Zoom Whitening package, The Smile Team dentist provide a ‘Take Home Whitening’ maintenance kit. This value added kit is not always included by other dental practices, but is actually very important to successfully maintaining your teeth whitening for an extended period of time.


Will dental whitening work for me?

Both zoom and in chair professional dentist whitening may give different results for different individuals. This is because each individual has varying dental enamel characteristics to their teeth which lead to differing results.

There may also be barriers as to why whitening simply won’t work.  By having a personalised assessment we can identify whether you are a good candidate for dental whitening, and how to overcome certain barriers, or possibly seek alternative dental whitening solutions.

What are other alternatives to dental whitening?

For individuals who do not have the most suitable enamel for whitening, or who have had many existing restorations or crowns, there may be more effective whitening treatment solutions other than tooth whitening treatment.

These alternative solutions range from polishing of existing stained restorations, replacement of amalgam restorations for white restorations and crowns, crown and bridge treatment, as well as dental porcelain veneers.

How can I get rid of stains on my teeth

Staining on teeth may be from different sources and therefore require different methods to remove or disguise. Some superficial stains from coffee, tea, smoking, tartar may be removed with a simple professional clean.

If the stains are deeper like some smoking stains, naturally yellower teeth, or discoloured patches on teeth, the treatment may involve whitening, or placing restorations over the tooth to disguise the problem by bonding tooth coloured filling, porcelain veneers or crowns. There are many ways to fix these problems. It really depends on the cause and what method is best for your situation.

Why not over the counter tooth whitening?

Products that are available for purchases over the counter at supermarkets are generally three to six times weaker than what we can provide your.  This means that they will not work as effectively, nor last as long.  Through a supervised course of whitening, we can help to maximize the ability to whiten your teeth without harming your teeth and gums.


Dr Julie Khuoc

Family and Cosmetic Dentist

“Being able to improve the health and appearance of my patient’s teeth gives them a lot of confidence in comfort, function and aesthetics.  I love seeing this transformation.”

Dr Bradley Xue

Family and Cosmetic Dentist

“The most rewarding part of being a dentist is being able to create happy smiles and happy people”

Dr Julian He

Family and Cosmetic Dentist

“Whether it be to maintain a healthy mouth or a complete smile transformation, I love being a part of my patients journey to achieve their goals.”

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