General Dental Care

The Smile Team is pleased to offer a a full selection of dental treatment solutions including preventive dental care, white composite restoration fillings, porcelain veneers, porcelain crowns, porcelain bridges, dental implants, gum disease cleaning, Invisalign invisible braces, tooth extractions, root canal treatment, dentures, mouthguards, nightguards, fissure sealants, and whitening.

The key benefit of dental care with The Smile Team is knowing that the dentist or oral health therapist truly has your wellbeing at heart.  We will carefully carry out examinations and recommended treatment only when required.  We will provide you with treatment options whenever they are available.  When we carry out treatment we will always do so with great care to achieve long tasting results and avoid complications.

The Smile Team is up to date with the latest dental technology, techniques, sterilisation, and patient comfort.  Modern dental care at The Smile Team is all about combining the every changing improvements in dentistry to create better and refreshing patient experiences.

Latest dental techniques

We’re extremely motivated to stay up to date with the latest dentistry that benefit our patients.  From the latest dental courses we attend, we are always looking to carry out the best recommended technical steps and choice of materials we use in patient care.  Recently for increased patient comfort during hygiene cleaning sessions without an anaesthetic, The Smile Team have now added to option to utilizes Oraqix non injection technology to anaethetize sensitive areas.

The best materials for your health

Getting excellent long term results is important to us.  The type of anaesthetic, dental adhesive, restoration filling material, and dental implant components are just some of the types of dental products that are important for quality results.

As a leading dental practice, The Smile Team chooses all our dental materials carefully based upon safety and quality.  We only use well researched quality materials that are rated highly in independent testing.  The products we use in patient care are from the most reputable dental companies in the world.  Long before these products reach you, they have undergone heavy research and quality assurance.


Advanced dental chairs

Much more than just a seat, dental chairs have key motors, attachments, and customisation of speed and toque to facilitate modern dental procedures to high technical standards.  The Smile Team operates with Finnish designed and made Planmeca dental chairs.  We think they’re the most comfortable dental chair available.

New modern dental chairs are also very important in ensuring the highest infection control protocols can be obtained. One simple example is the presence of a clean unidirectional flow of water through the tiny tubing of the handpieces in these new chairs to ensure that the used water of one patient cannot re-enter the tubing and contaminate the water of the next patient.

These chairs also enable us to share with you what we can see with an intraoral camera when required, as well as to provide a monitor for Foxtel and DVD entertainment for longer procedures.

Intraoral cameras

With in chair intraoral cameras, our team is able to take you on a tour of your mouth to see some of the things that we see.  The more information you have, the better able you are to maintain good health.  This also helps to provide you with information that can allow you to make the best informed decisions when faced with treatment options.

Digital x-rays

The Smile Team uses the latest advanced computerized technology in taking digital x-rays to minimize the radiation to about 70% less than that of traditional x-rays.

Dental magnification with LED lighting

Certain treatment procedures can benefit from greater lighting and magnification so that treatment can be carried out to extremely fine levels of details.

Patient comfort

Ipads are available from our patient lounge.  There internet access for patients, and games for our little (or little at heart) patients.  Fun and positive dental experiences from an young age build healthier smiles over a life time.

Foxtel, DVD shows, and music  play are available in all treatment room.  This provides relaxing entertainment while we provide you with the best treatment care.  Headphones can be provided during restorative appointments to block out noises form the drill as well.  We often see patients chuckle and giggle during treatment while others are comfortably snoring away in a nap.


What are white fillings?

White coloured dental fillings are typically made out of either a plastic and glass composite resin mixture, or porcelain.  At The Smile Team Balwyn North dentist we have progressed away from using amalgam restorations(silver fillings).  The dark amalgam fillings have positives, but are associated with making teeth appear darker and also encourage cracking of teeth over time time.  Many Scandinavian countries have banned the use of amalgam restorations altogether due to the environmental impact of the material.

Major technological developments over the past 20 years now enable us to place strong tooth coloured restorations instead of the older amalgam or metallic/grey fillings. This means better aesthetics, making it much harder (if at all possible) for others to spot a filling in your smile.

We will be happy to discuss with you the best options in improving your smile to obtain your goals.

Why do I need dental x-rays? Are they safe?

We recommend dental bitewings (small xrays taken to show between teeth and under fillings) to be taken once every 2 years in order to detect areas that are difficult or impossible to see visually in the mouth. If there are areas of greater concern then we may choose to take an xray for a specific tooth so that we may see the entire root of the tooth. If there are several areas of concern such as wisdom teeth in the four parts of the jaw, then an OPG (panoramic x-ray which shows all teeth) will be more suitable.

The Smile Team uses the latest advanced computerized technology in taking digital dental x-rays to minimize the radiation to about 70% less than that of traditional dental x-rays.

The radiation from each individual Bitewing x-ray is equivalent to the same amount of radiation each and everyone of us receives from one day of natural background radiation (extremely tiny). Despite this, our entire team is dedicated to limiting the amount of radiation every patient receives at our dental practice to only what is absolutely necessary.

How often should I have dental visits?

Depending upon your oral health risks, we will recommend examinations either once or twice a year. Our aim is for your mouth to be healthy and stable so your teeth last a lifetime with a minimum of worries, complications, and cost.

Why should I have regular dental visits?

Dentistry’s greatest progress over recent decades is in preventive dental care techniques. There is no reason why a healthy set of teeth cannot stay filling free for a lifetime if the correct approach is taken together by you and us. One of the most satisfying aspects of our work is to be able to give you the all clear at examinations. By having regular dental examinations, we aim to assist you in identifying risk factors and take the necessary actions.

By the time you can notice discomfort in a tooth, it’s possible that dental treatment can become more complicated. Dental decay doesn’t happen overnight, and if we can identify this early, we can save you time, discomfort, and cost.

Why does it feel like that every time I visit a dentist more dental treatment is required?

As a practice with a practice philosophy of preventive dental care, we strive to minimize the amount of treatment that you require. It’s important to know that not all dental treatment has the same level of priority. For this reason, for all dental treatment procedures we propose we will truthfully inform you of whether the treatment is urgent, beneficial over the longer term, or completely optional

Dental studies show that three types of individuals will be more prone to having more significant and costly treatment than on average.

Group 1. An inbalance of diet and oral hygiene.

Group 2. Patients with a history of multiple, and or large fillings.

Group 3. Irregular attenders to a dentist.

Do The Smile Team clinicians undertake ongoing studies to stay current and up to date?

Yes, our clinicians are passionate about dentistry and dental care.  We are always exceeding the base hours required for continuing education.

The following is a selection of courses our team has completed in recent years;

Australian Dental Association NSW Minor exodontia and dentoalveolar surgery techniques

Australian Dental Association Group E Endodontics & What works, what doesn’t, and what now

Australian Dental Association Group E Prosthodontics cementation for ceramic restorations

Australian Society of Periodontology Regenerative approaches treating peri-implant defects

Cynergex Cardiopulmonary resuscitation

Dental Ed Full arch dental rehabilitation via implants

Dental Ed Should Lasers replace periodontal probes and scalers

Dental Ed Micro-invasive treatment of caries by resin infiltration

Dental Ed Molar incisor hypomineralisation

Dental Ed Dentists as artists as technicians

Dental Ed Predictable restorations with  Resin and Porcelain

Dental Ed Dilemmas in Endodontic case selection

Dental Innovations Kathy Metaxes Patient care

HSH Clinical Endodontics predictable solutions

International Team for Implantology Endodontics versus dental implants

International Team for Implantology Implant aesthetics

International Team for Implantology Preimplant assessment using conebeam

International Team for Implantology Provisional restorations and bone grafting options

Invisalign 2012 provider workshop

Invisalign 2013 provider workshop

Lavrin & Lawrence Orthodontics Rosemary Bray Communication

Lavrin & Lawrence Orthodontics Rosemary Bray Team work

Platinum Practice Patient care

Prime Practice Best practice skills

Straumann The Straumann dental implant system

University of Melbourne Multidisciplinary needs of Paediatric dentistry

University of Queensland The Reality view on dental products and techniques

Victorian Dental & Oral Health Therapist Association annual conference


Dr Julie Khuoc

Family and Cosmetic Dentist

“Being able to improve the health and appearance of my patient’s teeth gives them a lot of confidence in comfort, function and aesthetics.  I love seeing this transformation.”

Dr Bradley Xue

Family and Cosmetic Dentist

“The most rewarding part of being a dentist is being able to create happy smiles and happy people”

Dr Julian He

Family and Cosmetic Dentist

“Whether it be to maintain a healthy mouth or a complete smile transformation, I love being a part of my patients journey to achieve their goals.”

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