Free Children’s eBook Download – Guardians of the Gums

This year for Dental Health Week (1-7 August), the Australian Dental Association is asking Aussies to love their teeth!  The Smile Team dentist Balwyn North as a part of Dental Health Week is improving awareness on dental wellbeing with activities, hamper competitions, and visiting fairies during the week.


As we all know, we need to look after our teeth for a lifetime.  In addition to chewing and creating those cute little smiles, baby teeth serve very important roles in enabling adult teeth to grow healthy and straight.  For the bigger teeth, we could need our adult teeth for munching and smiling for 80 to 100 years!  Therefore protecting the teeth also starts very early.  

We’re very pleased to be able to share with patients a wonderful free ebook to download via this link.  This easy to read free ebook provides a terrific overview of the key preventive care steps.  

We’re big on preventive care at The Smile Team dentist Balwyn North!  It’s at the core of our care philosphy and one of the things that matter to us the most.  Our expert carding dental team loves to help patients prevent small to big problems where-ever we can assist.





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