Dental Health Week 2022

This year for Dental Health Week (1-7 August), the Australian Dental Association is asking Aussies to love their teeth!

The Smile Team Balwyn North dentist as a part of Dental Health Week is improving awareness on dental wellbeing. Look out for a wonderful hamper competition at the practice during the week. There may also be the occasional tooth fairy spotted at the practice….

Preventive dental care is key, and here are five simple ways to look after your teeth

1) Care for your teeth by brushing every day

Show your teeth you care by brushing two times every day. Brush once in the morning and once at night. At night, brushing is best done last thing before bed and no food or drinks to be had after.  The night time brushing, is one of the most important steps to good dental health.

2) Spoil your teeth by cleaning between them every day

Well, spoiling might be not quite the perfect word as the adage “Only floss the teeth you want to keep” is quite true to life.  Cleaning between your teeth helps to remove bacteria and food that build up during the day.  This is because toothbrushing alone can only reach about 70% of the surfaces of your teeth.  Not cleaning these spaces can cause gums to become inflamed and sometimes tooth decay can develop.

3) Treat your teeth to healthy foods and drinks

The World Health Organization recommends adults have 6 or less teaspoons (24 grams) ofsugar each day. Sticking to this recommendation can decrease the risk of tooth decay developing. Choose to drink water during the day and if having a sweet treat, do so together with a main meal instead of snacking on the treat between meals.

4) Show your teeth love by using them for their intended purpose

Teeth are made to chew and smile. They are not made for opening bottles, or packets. These habits can increase the risk of breaking or cracking teeth. Love your teeth by only using them for their intended purpose.

5) Take your teeth on a date to the dentist

Most gum disease and dental decay unfortunately occur silently until the problem becomes complex.  You may not have been for a little while or it may be time for your regular check-up, take this as your reminder to take your teeth on a date and see your dentist! Your teeth will thank you.


For more dental information and tips on caring for your teeth and mouth, check out the Australian Dental Association’s website This website is a terrific site for finding up to date and easy to understand information on dental care.



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