Bringing you two more state of the art treatment chairs

Following on from the installation of a brand new Sirona sterilizer and the introduction of Schick digital x-rays in 2009, The Smile Team is pleased to offer patients treatment in brand new Finnish designed and made Planmeca dental chairs. These chairs join our two existing Planmeca chairs in providing viscoelastic ultra upholstery that adapts perfectly to follow the patient’s anatomy for maximum comfort.

But it’s just a chair right? Much more than just a seat, dental chairs have key motors, attachments, and customisation of speed and torque to facilitate modern dental procedures to high technical standards. New modern dental chairs are very important in ensuring the highest sterilisation protocols can be obtained.

One simple example is the presence of a clean unidirectional flow of water through the tiny tubing of the handpieces in these new chairs to ensure that the used water of one patient cannot re-enter the tubing and contaminate the water of the next patient. These chairs also enable us to share with you what we can see with an intraoral camera when required, as well as to provide DVD entertainment for longer procedures.

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