Preventive Dental Care

One of the biggest advancements in modern dentistry is the ability to minimize the need for restorative treatment.  This is known as Preventive Dental Care.

Dentistry of old was all about just treating the problem, fixing the holes that the decay bacteria has created.   With greater knowledge obtained from scientific research over recent years, we now know that dental disease (decay and gum disease) is the world's greatest preventable disease. 

The Smile Team dentists and oral health therapists believe Preventive Dental Care is the most ideal form of care we can provide our patients at The Smile Team dentist.  It forms the cornerstone of how we approach your diagnosis and treatment.

Here are some of the ways Preventive Dental Care works at your visits to The Smile Team dentist;

Appropriate time is provided to you by our treatment team for your appointments.  The amount of time for your care allows us to be thorough in making the correct diagnosis and to be able to carefully discuss your treatment plan, and highlight risk factors.
Regular examinations
Thorough regular dental examinations are carried out to identify any changes and to manage them before they become greater problems needing more complex solutions.  While the frequency of regular dental examinations may vary between patients and can be personalised, we typically find that for the majority of our patients that a dental examination every 6 months is the optimal level of care we can provide.

Regular hygiene cleans
Thorough hygiene cleans are carried out to minimize bacteria levels.  The more bacteria there is around, the greater likelihood there is of dental disease.  The frequency of hygiene cleans will also vary between patients and is ideally personalised, based upon both the current and past level of disease history.

Personalised advice, oral hygiene product and medication recommendations
We will provide you with personalised advice to help you clean efficiently and effectively.  This may include recommendations for cleaning devices, eating habits, specific medicated toothpastes and mouthrinses to prevent problems.

One of the most useful toothpastes at fighting early decay is the Colgate Neutrafluor 5000.  One of the most useful tooth creams for placing minerals into early decay changes is GC Tooth Mousse.  There are also toothpastes and specific mouthrinses that are excellent at targeting gum disease.
Healing or stabilising decay where possible, treating when necessary
Any changes towards decay that is identified will be professionally assessed for where or not it requires dental treatment.  Very early decay in some instances may be able to be stabilsed for many years without dental treatment, saving you having to have filling treatment and filling replacements.