Dental Implants

Dental Implant tooth replacement treatment is the most natural solution to replace missing teeth.  The Smile Team Balwyn North dental rooms have helped patients to replace hundreds of missing teeth with a high success rate.

Quite simply, Dental Implants are the most natural feeling and looking option to replace missing teeth.  They allow patients to bite confidently into apples, and to smile proudly without gaps.  They feel very solid to chew on, and are beautiful to look at.  Dental Implant treatment is a fantastic advancement in modern dental care.

Whether it's a single tooth or multiple teeth, The Smile Team Balwyn North dental rooms have the experience to help you to find the best solution.  Dental Implants are a great alternative to having partial or full dentures. 

Dental Implant treatment involves the placement of a biocompatible titanium post / screw into the jaw beneath the surface of the gum tissue.  Following a period of integration, this screw can serve like a solid foundation for a tooth crown to be attached above the gums.  Typically Dental Implant crowns have a layer of porcelain that can mimic the appearance of the surrounding natural teeth.  This layer of porcelain covers a base layer of metal which gives the crown its strength for chewing.

The majority of Dental Implant treatment can be carried out comfortably chairside without a general anaesthetic.  Most patients are surprised by the comfort of the treatment, and the speed of healing after treatment.

Not all Dental Implants are the same.  It takes careful planning and quality training to ensure a great long term outcome is achieved in Dental Implant treatment.  Sometimes very quick fixes are touted in advertising on radio and print media.  It's important for patients to be aware that although the time frames may initially appealing, that long term success is a very important aspect of Dental Implant treatment that needs to be considered.  Dental Implant restorations for example require ongoing maintenance just like natural teeth in terms of maintaining them.  Just as natural teeth can break and be lost to gum disease, so can Dental Implants.  That's why The Smile Team Balwyn North dental rooms work with local specialists to select the best approach for placing Dental Implants with a view to maximising longevity of your dental implants and keeping long term maintenance to a minimum.


The Smile Team Balwyn North dental rooms work with highly reputable and internationally recognised brands ITI Straumann and Nobel Biocare for our Dental Implant restorations, chosen for their decades of proven safety, patient care and success.