Eco Aware

The Smile Team is an environmentally aware dental practice that operates with initiatives in place to minimize our carbon footprint.  We are always looking to see how we can better operate to benefit both patient care and the environment.

 Here are some of the initiatives we take to be environmentally aware;


Greenpower energy

We were early adopters of Origin Greenpower energy, using renewable energy resources to power our practice.


Digital practice 

We keep computerised records of treatment details for our patients, reducing significant paper consumption for appointment to appointment record keeping.


Digital x-rays

Having Digital x-rays minimizes toxic chemical wastes from developing solutions and wastage of x-ray films.


Amalgam catching

The Smile Team has installed an amalgam separator that catches even tiny amounts of amalgams created during amalgam removal so that it doesn't end up in the waterways and back out into the ocean.


Active recycling

Team members are active recyclers of paper and plastic waste at recycling stations in the practice.


Reducing power consumption

LED lighting has been introduced to the practice in 2011 to reduce emissions.


Biodegradable products

Dentistry requires plastics to create barriers for your personal safety.  With each patient appointment requiring extensive plastic coverage,  The Smile Team has begun sourcing biodegradable plastic products to use.


Reducing disposables with permanent solutions

Where possible we use equipment that can be sterilized rather than add to land waste.  Sterilizable impression trays for example reduce waste much better than disposable plastic trays.

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