Australian Labwork

We are big supporters of local jobs and industry.  We have formed strong partnerships with outstanding Melbourne dental laboratories to deliver predictable lasting quality and optimal product safety.

Did you know that some dental practices send your crown and implant impressions overseas to have them created?  The Australian Dental Association has expressed concern in recent years with the use of overseas laboratories to create cheap crowns that may be at risk to being unknown and potentially toxic composition.

The Smile Team works only with local Melbourne dental laboratories to the highest Australian standards.

Our laboratories are proudly;

Bioart Dental, Crowns Bridges Implants, Kew East, Melbourne, Australia.

Buckley and Hutton, Dentures, Collingwood, Melbourne, Australia.

Dental Creations, Crowns Bridges Implants, Richmond, Melbourne, Australia.

Foradent, Nightguards, Melbourne, Australia.

Van Noordens, Dentures, Eltham, Melbourne, Australia.


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