Is the Colgate Omron Proclinical Power Toothbrush any good?

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We're big on electric power toothbrushes at The Smile Team.  It comes from regularly seeing some patients  make big improvements to their cleaning simply by moving to an electric toothbrush from a manual one.  In the past year, Colgate have introduced a product called the Colgate Omron Proclinical toothbrush.  We share our experience with this toothbrush over the past few months.


Braun Oral B have been around for more than a decade, but more companies are creating products to get into the growing market. Colgate and Phillips have both introduced new electric toothbrushes.  It's likely that App linked electric toothbrushes will be on the shelves in the near future.

In the past year Colgate has released the Proclinical range involving 3 model, the A1500, C600, and C200 ordered in decreasing functionality.  We've spent about half a year with the Colgate Omron A1500 and decided to share our thoughts on this toothbrush with patients.

Both dentists at The Smile Team use electric toothbrushes, I myself the Oral B Professional Care 3000 which I've had for about 6 years.  It's always been reliable, and I notice a difference in how clean my teeth are with the electric toothbrush in comparison to when I brush with the same time as the manual toothbrush.  I like gadgets and so when my friendly Colgate representative offered me a new Proclinical 1500 to try, I gladly accepted with a big smile.

Design wise the unit was well made in the hand.  The shape of the head along with the bristles translates to brushing in a conventional manner where as the oscillating Oral B electric toothbrushes require a change of technique.  It's light enough to take it in its travel case on trips without a second thought, without the construction feeling cheap.  Functionally it has the important ability to measure brushing times via 30 second and 2 minute timers to assist brushing for the necessary length of time. 

I think this toothbrush does give a powerful clean.  Judging by the way the bristles and the head move, I'm sure of it.  But a powerful electric toothbrush is only a good electric toothbrush if it doesn't put you off wanting to brush right?

Turn On Turn Off

It's just that when the toothbrush turns on, the pitch of the high frequency sound and the powerful vibrations remind me of something I work with everyday, the Drill. Unfortunately that's not a good comparison I want to be making with my toothbrush.  I played with the modes, looking to turn it down, but it never really operated at a comfortable level. 

My friendly Colgate representative suggested that all Proclinical toothbrushes require 2 weeks to get used to.  In truth it did help to get used to this toothbrush as I persisted,  but I really had to persist.  The other dentist at The Smile Team gave up on this toothbrush much sooner than I did. 

After many months of having the Oral B and the Colgate toothbrushes side by side however, I'm afraid to say I really struggled to want to use the Proclinical toothbrush.  I just didn't want my toothbrush to seem so harsh via the sounds and vibrations it was making.  When I used it, it was only because my Oral B was recharging.

My recommendation for patients that the Oral B oscillating electric toothbrush is a safer choice for patients to try as their electric toothbrush.  I have colleagues who absolutely love the A1500, and swear by it, but I think it could turn many patients off very quickly with its aggressive vibrations and sound.


UPDATE; A few patients we have spoken with who purchased an A1500 have really liked theirs, and have thought it was much better than the Oral B because they could just go ahead and brush normally rather than changing her technique.  It shows that there is an obvious market for this toothbrush.


I would be glad to hear of dental experiences patients have had with this toothbrush via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Colgate initially priced this toothbrush at $199 RRP, but at Coles and Shaver Shop it's commonly available for $99 off the shelf.



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